Objectives of the Course

Digitization in Companies and by Companies is inevitable! This is due to three main Reasons: 1. (Potential) Customers are increasingly using the Internet for their business-related Decisions. 2. National and international Competitors are increasingly using the Internet for handling their Business Processes. 3. Providers of Digital Business Models increasingly influence the real Commerce and develop into real Product and Service Providers. That is, the Internet has deeply changed demand-relevant decision Processes in terms of Information, Communication, and Transaction, as well as the perception of relevant Competitors. E-Business becomes an obligatory Subject for the Economy!


We provide you with the necessary basic Knowledge in the new “E-Business-Seminar” – compact and practical! In a 1-Day-Event or the new Online-Course, Participants receive a first Overview of the significant Changes of Business Processes due to Internet, Mobile Communications, and Interactive Television. They gain basic Insights about electronic Business Processes and Business Models (E-Business) and learn about the Opportunities of Digital Information, Communication, and Transaction Processes.

Professional Expertise


Our Know-How – Your Competence for the Digital Economy: Participants of the Seminar develop initial professional Expertise specifically for the Digital Economy, the Online-Competition and the Digital Transformation of Companies…

Competitive Advantages


Our Teaching Concept – Your Advantage in the worldwide Online-Competition: Participants of the Seminar gain first Insights into the Development of competitive Advantages based on electronic value added for their Companies…

Career Opportunities


Our Offer – Your Career Opportunity for the Digital Economy: Participants of the Seminar can extend chances in their Careers for current and future Employers, building upon their novel Know-How about Digital Business Models…

New! The E-Business-Seminar: The Online-Course for the Digital Economy

Now you can acquire fundamental Knowledge about electronic Business Processes and Business Models anywhere and anytime – as a self-study Course alongside your Job. It has never been easier to get ready for the Digital Economy! We offer an elaborate Presentation of the learning Content including Text, Images, Sound, Video, Animations, Interactive Graphics etc.


Divided into six Chapters with lots of different Media Formats and interesting Contents, the Course will equip you to find your way successfully around the Digital Economy – from your Home or at the Workplace. Our cloud-based learning System means you can learn whenever and wherever you like. Professionally prepared Contents and attractive Media Formats are fun to use and increase your Knowledge. The attractive Price for the Course is only 74.90 € per Participant (40 Hours Workload = 1.87 Euro/Hour; only over Group License available)!


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EBS Motivation Trailer: The Digital Society

Speech by Prof. Kollmann, Stuttgart 2016

EBS Motivation Trailer: Course Book E-Business (in German)

Chair for E-Business and E-Entrepreneurship, Essen 2016

Opinions about the Course

Almost two thirds of all Companies in the SMEs in German are lacking a Digital Strategy – although the Digital Revolution is in progress for many Years now. We have to catch up now! The E-Business-Seminar provides an easy Access here." 

Prof. Dr. Tobias Kollmann, Course Manager


“E-Commerce via the Internet, M-Commerce via Mobile Communications, or T-Commerce via Interactive Television – the Digital Transformation, including the necessary Know-How, is a central Challenge for our Companies!" 

Lucas Kleine-Stegemann, Course Manager

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